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Self-Confidence: Developing Your Child's Foundation for Learning

A child and adult hugging. Self-confidence is Child's Key to Learning. The Cognitive Emporium

Self-Confidence & Cognition: Building the Connections to Learn If the only thing your child gained from our cognitive skills training intervention was self-confidence, would it be worth it? According to the parents whose children have been through our program, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” The number one feedback I hear from parents after their…


Hidden Struggles: Diagnosing Learning Disabilities in the Classroom

Problems or People. Identifying learning difficulties in the classroom. The Cognitive Emporium

Problems or People? The Struggle to Learn in the Classroom The picture above shows 6 actual spelling tests administered to a second-grade public school classroom at the end of December in America. None of these 6 children have been diagnosed with a learning disability and all are considered to have average intelligence.   While no…


5 Clues to Help Identify Learning Struggles in your Child's Letter to Santa

Letter-to-Santa. Clues to Learning Struggles. The Cognitive Emporium

5 Clues to Learning Struggles in your Child’s Annual Letter to Santa Several years ago, a dad walked into my office bearing Christmas gifts for my staff. I had met this father during his son’s evaluation and recommendation session. He was deeply concerned about his son’s inability to read, write, and spell. At that time…


The Secret to Getting Your Kid to Read This Summer?

Summer Reading Tips. The Cognitive Emporium.

Just in time for summer: The easy way to get your child to read without putting up a fight…and enjoy it! If your child is in the second grade and has completed the entire Harry Potter series without slowing down, then graphic novels would be a snack for that reading foodie. However, for the other…