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How to help a child adjust to middle or high school? Coach them through it.

Is your child having difficulty making the transition into middle school or high school?

Sad child with her face in her hands. The Cognitive Emporium

Coaching may be the solution you need to help them adjust.

I received a notice in the mail the other day letting me know that my car had reached the 30,000-mile mark: time to bring it into the dealership for a maintenance check.

It made me stop and think of all of the places that I had driven and how I hope that it does as well the next 30,000 miles.

The automakers know that in order for the car to maintain peak performance, a regular check up is beneficial. The same is true for the smart but struggling student.

Starting middle or high school is a major milestone in a child's life. If your child is struggling with transitioning into this next phase of their life, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment for a maintenance check with your academic coach or educational consultant.

Like a car hitting a milestone, some kids need a maintenance review to maintain optimal learning.

Coaching is a safe way to identify triggers, make observations, and offer feedback that will enhance performance in whatever area of life your student is struggling with.

One advantage that comes with this service is how quickly things can turn around when someone who understands your circumstances, gets involved.

Coaching is tailored to meet the needs of the individual being coached.  It is offered to moms, dads, guardians, families, or students and can be completed through distance-learning, online, or in the office.  

Each coaching option provides a unique blend of motivation, education, and accountability and can occur as frequently or as infrequently as necessary.

Coaches are not teachers, but they do teach.  They teach how to edit thoughts, actions, and goals and to shape them according to the stage of life the individual is in.

Weakness in Executive Function is just one area that can wreak havoc on a smart student’s academic career.

Below is a list of the top ten executive function weaknesses. If you can identify with two or more from the list, a coach or consultant can help.  

With specialized coaching, the student can learn to think and process information in more effective ways.

Top 10 Executive Functioning Issues that cause Middle School and High Schoolers to Struggle:

  • Avoids work
  • Gets distracted easily
  • Completes his homework but doesn’t turn it in
  • Struggles to keep up with schedule,relies on others to tell them what is going on
  • Wants to do things with friends but won’t take initiative and follow through with the planning
  • Can't’ seem to get started on assignments
  • Blames teachers and others for NOT being able to get things done.
  • Struggles to get to school on time
  • Struggles receiving constructive criticism
  • Struggles remembering to bring the books and information necessary to complete homework.

Looking for Someone Who Can Help?

For details on how The Cognitive Emporium can help your child, click on the link below to schedule a consultation or coaching session.