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The #1 Reason You Should Listen To Your Child if They Ask You To Buy a Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube in "Fresh" color, Grande size. From Antsy Labs.

The #1 Reason to Buy Your Kid a Fidget Cube.

I have been saying for a long time that kids know themselves better than adults give them credit for. The problem is that kids don’t know how to communicate their wants and needs in a way that parents can understand.

Instead, their communication often gets mistaken for something else. Case in point, your child comes to you begging for the latest and greatest “hot” item: the Fidget Cube.

If you are like me you may immediately go to all of those other“hot” items like the Pet Rock (well that dates me a little) or the Rubik’s Cube. You then hush your child and blow off the benefits that the Fidget Cube actually has.

If you are intrigued by the name and the persistence of your child’s desire to have their own Fidget Cube, then you might just google it to find out what exactly this tiny cube-shaped item is.

When you do, you’ll discover pros, cons, and pictures, and probably be drawn in by curiosity alone. Why would your child want this little device that aims to satisfy urges to click, roll, spin, and other common fidget habits? Why is it tiny, and compact making clicking and rolling discreet? Why does it fit into most pockets making it easy to bring into most environments, especially school?

The number one reason you should take notice if your child brings this unique find to your attention is because he or she thinks that they can benefit from one or more of its features, and chances are, they’re probably right.

Yes, kids instantly recognize something of benefit. So much so that the makers of the Fidget Cube have Youtube Videos that can teach your child numerous ways that their cube can help solve their fidgeting problem. If you are versed in the way today’s kids find help, then you will instantly know that they use YouTube as easily as they use phones.

So parents, take notice if your child has happened onto this gadget and brought it to your attention, it may just be because they believe that they need help with what they or someone else considers a problem.

The makers of the Fidget Cube have solved the fidgeting problem by making their product with six design features:

  • Spin: A 360 rotating dial.
  • Press/Click: Side with 3 buttons that depress to click audibly and 2 that push silently.
  • Roll and Click: Three pack of tactical gears, plus a ball that audibly clicks.
  • Switch: A classic switch with a click to it.
  • Breathe/Soothing Stone: Modeled after worry stones for rubbing to help reduce anxiety.
  • Toggle: A joystick that moves in all directions.

I admit, I fell for it and I actually helped with their Kickstarter fund. My son brought this to my attention last fall and I did a little research and decided that I wanted to get in on the craze. I am very glad that I did.

So far, the feedback that I have gotten from the clients that have used these have all been positive.

I now just leave a Fidget Cube lying on the table during testing and use it as a clinical observation tool. I watch as each individual picks it up, which side they choose to use and the behaviors and benefits that it produces.

Just a side note to parents, I watch you too and I see you struggle to refrain from picking it up. For those parents who can’t help themselves and do pick it up, I sit back and smile as I am reminded how much our kiddos can teach us about life, if we take the time to listen and learn.