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Your Kid Hate Writing? This Quick Guide on Using YouTube to Write Will Make It Playtime!

Have a Kid Who Hates to Write?

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Click "Play" and YouTube it Instead!

Often the key lies in how you present it.

When your kid has a written assignment and watching them get started is like watching paint dry, then keep reading.  There's an easy way to get the party started.

It's A Visual World

Let’s face it, today’s kid has grown up in a visual world. Pencils are associated with school - a.k.a., work. YouTube is where today’s kid goes to learn about something they are interested in.

Plenty of kids come into my office and let me know that they would love to have their own YouTube channel. This tells me that they have a story or something that they feel is interesting enough to be told.

This following little activity is an easy way to get them started and it lets your kids know that you identify with them by creating a way to jump start their writing potential.

Everybody has a story.

Social media is full of stories. We know that stories can be true or made up, but every good story has an easy flow from beginning to end.

Good stories are made up of specific details, actions, and information that makes the reader want to finish the story.

The hardest part of writing is getting the story onto paper.  Use the outline below along with your smartphone to help your kid get the writing process started.

Write Like a YouTuber:

  • Take out your smartphone or tablet and ask your child to tell you about what she wants to write about.  You may have to prompt them to begin by using the line, “Just start talking.” Record this talk with your phone.
  • Once finished, play the recording back as you both listen. Then, use the graphics below (download the PDF to print) to organize the content into 6 steps by asking your child these questions:
  • What was the one sentence you think would grab your YouTube audience? Whatever your child says, tell him to write that down.
  • Next, ask “Who is this story about? Where did it take place?” Have him write it down. (Don’t worry if it is not in complete sentences at this point, we will be editing later).
  • Continue turning the next four steps into a question and having your child write the answer down on their paper.
  • Once all of the six steps have been followed, congratulate your child on this amazing work of art!

IMPORTANT step that kids hate to do:

This last step is the hardest one to sell and follow through on. This is where you and your child have to edit the work that was just recorded while paying close attention to details. These details hang-up the non-writers of the world. When they are done, they are done, and they want to check the completed box and move on.

So, make sure that you relate it back to the YouTube world. Every good YouTuber has a trial run, the first video they ever put out there is usually crappy.  But, if they left only the crappy videos up, they would not have very many followers.

The videos that get the most likes are not only entertaining but show they have perfected their craft.  This means paying attention to the details.  Use the third graphic below to help you through the editing process. Show them that this is the easiest part. The hard work is done, this is just putting the shine on their product.

Once the final step is done, VOILA! you have just helped teach your child an easy way to begin the writing process.

Click on the images below to get printable visual aids to help in the story writing and polishing processes.