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Attention Mamas of ADHD Children. Learn Ways to Overcome Parenting Challenges

Attention Mamas of ADHD children: Learn ways to overcome parenting challenges And show the world how strong you really are

Mothers of ADHD Children. The Cognitive Emporium.

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The first step in creating a business is to visualize your audience. I love creating vision boards, so this became a fun creative outlet for me to see what I could come up with in graphic form that would convey the audience that I wanted to speak to.


The result is what you see above. The who, is you! That mom who has been given a mountain but with grit and determination sees that there is hope in the horizon.


I grew up in West Virginia, and I think we might have coined the term, mountain mama. The urban dictionary describes her as “the kind of lady that makes you feel alright, especially after an honest, hard-day's work.”


II think if I could get more specific I would change the words to say “the kind of mama who knows it is going to be alright, even if there is hard work involved.


Parenting is not easy and I am not excluding all of the wonderful dad’s that I have met over the years, but for this talk, I am speaking to the mamas.


The ones who have been told that their child is fine when they know that something is just not right.


The mama who’s been told that no one knows how to teach their child, but she doesn’t stop searching for someone who can.


The mama who convinces her husband to take another chance on a specialist because something tells her that this one is different.


These are my mountain mama’s. The mamas I have had the pleasure of walking alongside  on their journey, making sure that they are equipped with the best resources, information, and intervention, to navigate their child’s  educational journey.


The mountains that we face in life, can be scary, overwhelming, and exhausting. However, if we are mentally and physically prepared, equipped with the right resources, and have a plan, those climbs can lead us on some incredible adventures and take us places that we never quite imagined.


I have put together a 30 day guide that can help you better parent your ADHD child. This training will make the mountain that you are facing less scary, not so overwhelming, and  will put joy back into parenting.