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Does The Cognitive Emporium Take Insurance?


Why you should be happy that I DON’T take insurance People call the center all of the time asking the question, “Do I take insurance?” Often times when I answer, “NO,” that is the end of the call and they move on to the next place on their list. The next time that you hear…


Pills Don’t Equal Skills

Is it ADHD? Is medication the right answer? How do I fix it? There has been a growing trend of children getting diagnosed with ADHD. Although some children do present chemical imbalances that can be considered ADHD, this label tends to be misunderstood. In most cases, difficulties in attention and hyperactivity are actually symptoms of…


Who is the CEO of your brain and why are they so important?

Executive function skills are often referred to as the “CEO” of the brain. These skills are key to excelling in today’s chaotic, fast-paced learning environments. These skills take place in the prefrontal cortex of the brain and they can be one of the reasons a smart child struggles, despite high intelligence. What skills are affected…


Who Are The Best Tutors For Dyslexia and ADHD?

Best Dyslexia & ADHD Tutors In Hendersonville, TN

Tutors for Dyslexia & ADHD: Reviews, Rating & Resources For Your Situation   Who are the best tutors for Dyslexia & ADHD? This is one of the questions I get asked most frequently in social settings when parents of children with ADHD or Dylexia find out what I do. When I decided to open my…


Learning Games For Kids

Learning Games for Kids: What are the best games you could buy that are educational and enriching?                   Parents ask me all the time, “What are the best learning games for children that won’t bore them? The answer: The one that you and your child play together.…


How Children Learn To Spell

How Children Learn To Spell Why Can My Child Read But Not Spell? The answer is usually found in the reading pattern that your child chose when learning to read. The brain processes reading through the auditory and visual loops. Four out of Five children learn to read using the auditory pathway. These students map…


What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory processing disorer explained

“Its like my child doesn’t hear anything that I say”!     I walked out into the waiting room to bring back my next appointment. Immediately I introduced myself to a third grade girl that I will call Sara, and I asked her a question. Instantly I saw what I refer to as: “The deer…


Why Does My Son Get A's In School but Can't Read?

The Learning Illusion Why grades don’t determine what your child has learned April 26, 2016 “Hello, how can I help you?” “Yes, Ma’am my daughter is in the third grade and can’t read, she can’t complete her homework at night, and tells me that she does not understand her work, yet she gets A’s and…