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How to Create Change in the Smart But Struggling Student

Pile_of_Pennies. The Cognitive Emporium

How Small Change can Create Joy in the Smart but Struggling Student One day, I was at the LAX airport waiting for my flight back to Tennessee. I was standing in line ordering food when a gentleman with an Australian accent held up a penny and politely asked, “What is this?”  When I quickly replied,…


The Truth About Me & What I Believe

Photo of Kyra Minichan. The Cognitive Emporium.

This is Who I Really Am and What I Truly Believe Hello and welcome. Grab a seat beside me and let’s get to know one another! First, the basics. I’m Kyra Sovine Minichan.  A mom, wife, writer, and mompreneur. My husband and I have two sons, 18 and 16 years old.  When our second son…


The Predictable Transformation Highway System (The P. A. T. H. System)

The P.A.T.H. System

The Predictable Transformation Highway System (The P. A. T. H. System™) The P.A.T.H system™ is the hallmark of cognitive training at The Cognitive Emporium (TCE). Our intervention is an intense, individualized, comprehensive plan that utilizes the brain’s neuroplasticity. B.I.K.E The Best Investigative Tool For Knowing Everything S.W.I.M The Systematic Working Memory intervention Method R.U.N. Retraining…


How To Improve Test Taking Skills

How to improve your test taking skills

Test taking skills: The number one mistake parents make when helping their child study The scenario goes like this. “I get so frustrated when I try to help my child study, we both end up in tears”. My follow up question is this: “How do you help them”? Then the truth is revealed. I do…


Educational gifts: Top 5 toy websites for the holidays

Educational toys for kids

The best holiday gift you can give your child is an educational toy. Your child’s curiosity is fueled through exploration and play As we enter into this holiday season I wanted to give you my top 5 websites and catalogs to explore when making your holiday list this. Playing is one of the best ways…