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Does The Cognitive Emporium Take Insurance?


Why you should be happy that I DON’T take insurance

People call the center all of the time asking the question, “Do I take insurance?” Often times when I answer, “NO,” that is the end of the call and they move on to the next place on their list.

The next time that you hear the word, “NO” you may want to reconsider hanging up the phone.

I let science dictate my treatment plan, not insurance.

I remember in the late 90’s when I was a Speech-Language Pathologist at a University Hospital and I had to call and beg an insurance company to extend services for a family whose child had Down Syndrome, and desperately needed more treatment.

I patiently listened to the woman on the other end of that call ask me questions that convinced me that not only did she NOT understand the diagnosis of Down Syndrome, but she had no idea the job of a Speech-Language Pathologist.

I hung up the phone and turned to my colleagues and said, “If I ever have my own private practice, I will not accept insurance”. The company denied services for that child and there were hundreds of more children who would fell victim to the same insane checklist that did not meet a criteria based on dollars not healing.

Today I do have my own practice and I am happy to report that I design my individual treatment plans based on the science of neuroplasticity.

That research clearly states that intensity, duration, and frequency is the key to cognitive intervention and changing the brain.

If Insurance would not pay for the necessary treatment of a clinical diagnosis such as Down Syndrome, they would never pay for such an aggressive approach to intervention for children who are smart but struggle.

I created this company based on my super power, “Mommy Instinct”. That allowed me to go against the grain and do what I as a mother would want for my child if he were struggling.

Whenever my children need help I put my faith in highly trained specialists verses persons answering the phone at an insurance agency.