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Test without the Stress: Study Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Grades

Study and test tips and tricks. Flashcard apps help study time. Tutoring at The Cognitive Emporium

Test without the Stress: Study Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Grades Spring time often means test and stress time for students and  parents.   There are so many things to consider when preparing for the test outside of the actual content to be learned that it can be overwhelming. To ease the stress, take…


How To Improve Test Taking Skills

How to improve your test taking skills

Test taking skills: The number one mistake parents make when helping their child study The scenario goes like this. “I get so frustrated when I try to help my child study, we both end up in tears”. My follow up question is this: “How do you help them”? Then the truth is revealed. I do…


Educational gifts: Top 5 toy websites for the holidays

Educational toys for kids

The best holiday gift you can give your child is an educational toy. Your child’s curiosity is fueled through exploration and play As we enter into this holiday season I wanted to give you my top 5 websites and catalogs to explore when making your holiday list this. Playing is one of the best ways…


Who Are The Best Tutors For Dyslexia and ADHD?

Best Dyslexia & ADHD Tutors In Hendersonville, TN

Tutors for Dyslexia & ADHD: Reviews, Rating & Resources For Your Situation   Who are the best tutors for Dyslexia & ADHD? This is one of the questions I get asked most frequently in social settings when parents of children with ADHD or Dylexia find out what I do. When I decided to open my…


Learning Games For Kids

Learning Games for Kids: What are the best games you could buy that are educational and enriching?                   Parents ask me all the time, “What are the best learning games for children that won’t bore them? The answer: The one that you and your child play together.…


How Children Learn To Spell

How Children Learn To Spell Why Can My Child Read But Not Spell? The answer is usually found in the reading pattern that your child chose when learning to read. The brain processes reading through the auditory and visual loops. Four out of Five children learn to read using the auditory pathway. These students map…


Why Does My Son Get A's In School but Can't Read?

The Learning Illusion Why grades don’t determine what your child has learned April 26, 2016 “Hello, how can I help you?” “Yes, Ma’am my daughter is in the third grade and can’t read, she can’t complete her homework at night, and tells me that she does not understand her work, yet she gets A’s and…


Difficulty Learning: Should Teachers Tell Parents About Problems?

Should teachers tell parents when a child has difficulty learning?

Difficulty learning: there are two sides to every story Should teachers tell parents about suspected learning difficulties? This is a question that I am asked often, and stumped by always. Why? The answer seems simple to me. Of course teachers should be communicating with the parents about specific learning struggles that they are seeing. Why…


Tutoring Services Offered At The Cognitive Emporium

Tutoring Services Is your child struggling and unable to learn at a ‘normal’ pace? First of all, there’s nothing wrong with your approach.  It may be that your child’s learning pathways simply need to be strengthened so they absorb what they’re learning faster. Our tutoring services use advanced cognitive techniques that can vastly improve: Working…